Conference Introduction

Tall buildings are seen as a solution to high demand of construction for cities and residential areas, as a tool for urban regeneration and as crucial landmarks to boost the unique identities of towns and cities. But with the high costs of development and construction, discussion about the impact of high rise building and concerns about their effect on the environment and sustainable urban communities, are tall buildings a sustainable option? What are the ideal characteristics? What makes a tall building successful? Do high-rises live up to what they claim? How sustainable is a high-rise building? Can it be re-used? How can one reduce the environmental impact of a tower?

Therefore, the Conference Secretariat is aiming to hold the 3rd edition of the conference focusing on Habitation in Green Cities to investigate the role of tall buildings in creating the platform for green cities. It brings together architects, structural engineers, planners, policy-makers, academics and owners of tall buildings and it enjoys the support of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development officials in debating on how tall buildings can be a sustainable and viable solution for urban renewal.

About High Rise Building

Due to national & international investments, Iran is now renowned as one of the largest urban construction centers in the Middle East.Despite of all technical & executive potentials, the question is, why are there few companies willing to construct high rise building? Since the proportion of the executive ways with the qualitative standards has a key feature for the beneficiaries, the principles of sustainable construction consists of a broad range of methods.

Rasayesh institute is holding the 1st Conference on High Rise Building in Iran & the Middle East. The conference theme, "Necessities and challenges of high rise building" aspires to study all the available challenges in building industry among the many professionals covering the various building fields.